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Falco Image Studio 7.1 Portable

Dodał: latyczak 15 Kwiecień 2012 11:28

Falco Image Studio 7.1 Portable

Falco Image Studio 7.1 Portable

Falco Image Studio 7.1 Portable
Falco Image Studio 7.1 Portable | 23.64 Mb

Falco Image Studio is a graphics tool to create, edit and export images. You will be able to create professional looking pictures with great ease. Whether you design high-detail color images we use the necessary tools. Falco Software Company presents a comfortable image creation tool and it handles popular file formats used to store multiple images of various sizes and all possible color system!

Here are some key features of "Falco Image Studio":

· Loading from BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG, PSD(Photoshop), TIFF, TARGA files
· Saving in JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TARGA formats
· Unlimited UNDO/REDO
· Copy/Paste in Multiple Windows
· Paste from other Image Editors, such as MS Paint, etc
· Pencil, Brush, Line, Text, Spray, Rectangle, Ellipse, Filled Rectangle, Filled Ellipse, Fill Tool, Selection Tool, Color Selection Tool, Lasso Selection Tool, Free Hand Selection Tool, Ellipse Selection Tool, Hue Selection Tool, Smart Scissor Selection Tool, Blur
· Effects: Rotates, Flips, Shifts, Contrast, Brightness, Invert Colors, Blur, GrayScale, HLS Adjustment, Sharpen, Emboss, Contour, Contrast Filter, High Contrast Filter, Prewitt, Sobel, Laplas. Swapping of RG, BG, RB colors; Mask and Mosaic. Borders
· Any Size up to 12048 x 12048
· Pallete editing
· PNG & BMP 32 bits supporting with transparancy
· Vista Supporting
· Multi file opening
· Scanner and WEB-Camera supportingFile Preview
· Photoshop Selections
· Layers
· Advanced Print Preview
· Noise Reduce
· Uploading to External Server

Home Page - falcoware.com/FalcoImageStudio.php

Falco Image Studio 7.1 Portable
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