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Everimaging Great Photo v1.1.0 Pro Portable

Dodał: latyczak 16 Kwiecień 2012 20:02

Everimaging Great Photo v1.1.0 Pro Portable

Everimaging Great Photo v1.1.0 Pro Portable

Everimaging Great Photo v1.1.0 Pro Portable
Everimaging Great Photo v1.1.0 Pro Portable | 102 Mb

Perfectly produce amazing photos with the one tool that gives you all you need! Class leading tools, from the brilliant Editing and FX Effects, photo-realistic HDR, DSLR Depth-of-field Effect, Automatic Image Enhancement, Color Splash, Collage, comprehensive image editing tools, rotate, corp, paris comparison etc to name just some of the features.

• DSLR camera depth-of-field effect:
· Big Aperture module gives your images the depth-of-field and other visual effects normally seen with only professional grade DSLR cameras. Magically unleash your creative inspiration, while using tools for making great images with a mix of areas, both sharp focus and selective blurring. Further simplifying the process are settings for portraits, natural scenes, architecture and macro photography
• Photo-realistic HDR:
· Award-wining HDR technology re-create the real beauty you’ve seen, rapidly reveals every detail in both shadows and highlights.
• Color splash:
This module makes you into a master of color control! Choose any interesting color you want to stand out, while transforming other colors to black and white. Also, artistically, use your mouse as a “brush” to paint with adjustable parameters (size, radius, transparency.)
• Other Highlights:

This Module enables you to quickly adjust your photos with Cropping tool, Automatic Image Enhancement, Highlight Effects, Brightness, Contrast, as well as Color Saturation adjustment. Most image editing tasks can be quickly and easily done in this mode.

This module has some of the most powerful and easy to use Editing Tools of any photography app - including light controls, color controls, white balance, color temperature, curve adjustment, tint adjustment, lens correction, highlights/shadow, Black/White point controls, sharpen/blur controls etc
•Beautiful user-friendly and intuitive interface, as well as real time process.
•Rotate, Flip, Crop
•Pair comparison mode for before and after status
•Zoom in/Zoom out
•Easily deal with image resolution up to 40 mega-pixels.
•Support numerous image formats including: TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP and over 100 camera RAW formats.

Home Page - www.everimaging.com/products/greatphoto.htm

Everimaging Great Photo v1.1.0 Pro Portable
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Użytkownik VIP


#1 | Dodany: 19 Kwiecień 2012 16:43

Super programy i na dodatek portable Jeżeli działają to chwała Tobie ściągam i zobaczymy.Dzięki ----Masz 5+
Użytkownik VIP


#2 | Dodany: 19 Kwiecień 2012 20:10

Ja również dziękuję:)Pobrałem kilka,teraz tylko testować..


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