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CEI Ensight Gold v 10.0.2h 2013 up.dla.EXSite.pl.

Dodał: peet85 7 Luty 2013 14:07

CEI Ensight Gold v 10.0.2h 2013 up.dla.EXSite.pl.

CEI Ensight Gold v 10.0.2h 2013 up.dla.EXSite.pl.

CEI Ensight Gold v 10.0.2h 2013 up.dla.EXSite.pl.
CEI Ensight Gold v 10.0.2h 2013 up.dla.EXSite.pl.

CEI Ensight Gold 10.0.2h 2013 | 823.0 mb

CEI Inc., maker of EnSight visualization software for computer aided engineering (CAE) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), announced the latest version EnSight 10.0 of its powerful 3D visualization software for post-processing of CAE/CFD data and analysis.

Exclusive Practical Volume Rendering

The hallmark of EnSight 10 is its exclusive new structured volume rendering capability, a major upgrade in speed and practical usability from its original debut in version 9.2. By using a structured, uniform mesh to render complex data sets, EnSight 10 offers better interactivity and eliminates the huge memory requirements that often result from unstructured volume rendering. The result is a smoother and faster rendering of large, complex data volumes. With the ability to run parallel rendering across multiple graphics cards and visualize volume datasets. The EnSight user can specify the structured volumes resolution, allowing them to balance resolution versus graphics memory requirements.

EnSight 10 further enhances volume rendering by taking what was previously a multi-step process that required a tutorial or training and streamlining it into a single dialog with the critical steps all pulled into that dialog. Its the tightest weve ever integrated a feature in EnSight, said Grimsrud. Future versions of EnSight 10 will also support distributed parallel volume rendering in the EnSight DR version.

New GUI, Customizable Toolbar

The all new EnSight 10 user interface offers exceptional customization options and ease of use with intuitive drag-and-drop and right-click capabilities. Now, EnSight 10 users can quickly color each part in the scene instantly by dragging and dropping calculated variables from new variables list. EnSights unique style manager allows the user to create customized graph styles with specific colors, font and other specifications, then apply this pre-built style onto other data graphs. This eliminates the need to configure each specific property of new plots one at a time, saving dozens of clicks, improving productivity and allowing the user more time to study the data rather than fuss with the appearance to get it just right. The drag-and-drop and right-click capabilities in EnSight 10 also make it easy to manipulate and modify various parts, viewports and other objects without having to manually switch viewing modes.

EnSight 10 even allows users to build custom GUI toolbars, similar to the Windows Ribbon, based on the options, features and functionality needed. For example, for jet engine analysis, place only the tools required for this work on the toolbar and eliminate the distraction and need to search through all the other functionality to find the tools required. If EnSight customers or developers build new features using the Python scripting language, those features can be added to the GUI toolbar as if the feature was included in standard EnSight.

About CEI Inc.

Computational Engineering International, Inc.is a privately-held software company specializing in scientific and engineering visualization and plotting software for industrial and scientific applications worldwide. CEI has offices for EnSight sales and support in Germany, Japan, India and China and distributors elsewhere around the world. CEIs headquarters are located in Apex, North Carolina.

Name: CEI EnSight Gold
Version: 10.0.2h
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven

CEI Ensight Gold v 10.0.2h 2013 up.dla.EXSite.pl.

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