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Web Acappella Professional 4.3.18

Dodał: xXxMateusz00xXx 29 Czerwiec 2012 12:42

Web Acappella Professional 4.3.18

Web Acappella Professional 4.3.18

Web Acappella Professional 4.3.18

The Web is constantly moving forward: following these evolutions ensures the visibility and the compatibility for your Website. WebAcappella 4 offers a publication format that is respectful of the latest web standards (HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery) and is totally compatible with the latest Internet browsers (IE9, 4 Firefox 9, Safari 5, Chrome, Opera, etc..) and your Smartphone or other mobile technology (Tablet).

With the new features available in the workspace, organize your pages and elements in a better way. Group, isolate, hide, lock or align your elements to work on your Website more effectively and more quickly. Whether you are an amateur or a professional Webmaster, these new features make your life easier. You will enjoy creating websites like never before!

All the other features in WebAcappella 4
- Automatically convert your favorite fonts into image.
- The design and ergonomics have been reviewed for a professional presentation.
- Create very original shapes with the custom corners.
- New slide show presentation and management of your Flickr photo albums.
- Manage orientation, color, offset, and the opacity of your shadows.
- Create buttons with cool and nice design (new automatic color management).
- New look, lighter and advanced customization for the new video player.
- Apply many effects and use the Fancy Box feature (click on the image)
- Easily insert location maps with the new "Google Maps" element.
- In the wink of an eye, access a wide range of colours to harmonise and customise your colours.
- Customise your htaccess and httpassword files (Advanced users only).
- Place templates in your pages and increase productivity.

More Novelties:
- Identification of fields in the contact form
- New management of the form fields
- Type a colour code directly into the colours window
- Customise the PHP mail function
- Transparency of PNG images supported in the photo album
- Optimization of the size taken within text areas
- Ability to change the height of a page using a template
- Stock Management in e-commerce (not dynamic)
- Possibility to choose the option "Pick up in store"

Rozmiar: 45 MB
Rodzaj Kompresji: RAR
Hasło: Brak
Dane naprawcze: 1%

Web Acappella Professional 4.3.18

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#1 | Dodany: 29 Czerwiec 2012 12:42

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#2 | Dodany: 16 Lipiec 2012 13:31

Link nie działa strona nie istnieje
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#3 | Dodany: 19 Wrzesień 2012 19:03


Web Acappella Professional 4.5.18

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#4 | Dodany: 19 Styczeń 2013 06:29

a jaki jezyk ? eng. . zulu , mongolski ?


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