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Turbo Grannies 1.1.2 (Android\ENG)

Dodał: sarthony 5 Listopad 2011 15:23

Turbo Grannies 1.1.2 (AndroidENG)

Turbo Grannies 1.1.2 (Android\ENG)
Year: 2011
Genre: Arcade
Format: apk
Developer: Imperial Game Studio AB
Language: English
System Requirements: Android 2.1 and above
Size: 10.70 MB

Turbo Grannies - Funny Race for Android, a clone of the famous game for PC "Elastomania"! You play as a granny on a motor scooter, which will escape from the nursing home on the highway which would be off-road with nasty bumps and ditches. If you're really brave grandmother - you must choose the desert. The desert is really difficult to track, and if you pass it the whole staff of nursing homes never catch up with you! Note that in this game you use your phone advanced features such as touch screen and accelerometer.

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